Mkwawa Arts Space

empowering youth around education and health through arts and edutainment.

About Mkwawa Community Art Space

Mkwawa Community Art Space is a youth company provides a friendly platform for youth through organizing youth meet ups, free co-working space,Dialogues, concerts and training around health and education .

Our working themes are employability, live hood and arts. All these helping youth to open their own business, performing arts, as well as being informed with sexual and reproductive health

Live music

We spark the curiosity of youth by hosting of live Music concerts in rural areas.


We show touching and emotional dramas that inspire youth to rethink about their ways of life.

Drawing and painting

We let youth play with drawn and painted jig-saw puzzle pictures that portray risk behaviors and their possible effects

What we do

Using Arts To Reach Youths In Rural Area With SRH Information


We host live music concerts in rural areas to mobilize youth so we can reach them with Sexual & reproductive health information.

Music classes

We conduct music classes to youth, to groom Mkwawa art space ambassadors and talent for the concerts.

Drawing and paintings

We traing youth to make drawings and paintings which can be sold and used in training youth on SRH issues.

Selling of Live CDs

We do recording of live music, drama and the trainings which later are sold in form of Cds

Our partners

Contact Us

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